Triangle Choke Bundle

The Triangle Choke is one of the most powerful and popular chokes in BJJ.

Get ready to find out why.

Why Triangle Chokes?

Honestly... it's my favorite submission. You ask why? Simply because once the trap is set up, you have a great amount of control over your partner. Finishing the choke is not complicated once you have an overall understanding of the mechanics. The best part is that the Triangle Choke can be executed from anywhere.

In the first part, we will walk you through the concepts and principles of the Triangle, as well as the Triangle Trap, and the obstacles many face while executing this submission.

Then it is on to finishing the Triangle Choke from a variety of setups and positions.

I can't wait to show you all the details. Let's dig in...

Concepts, Entries, and Setups

Everything you need to understand the concepts of the Triangle Choke System. From set ups to finishing details.

Fundamental Triangles

Fundamentals are the key to building a successful system. This segment will allow you to understand the core of the Triangle System.

Advanced Triangle Attacks

Are you ready to take your Triangle Chokes to the next level? There are more than 20 techniques designed to do just that.

We discuss a variety of positions from Guard Passing counter to a large number of setups and guard systems. This will give you comprehensive skills to attack, setup and finish with a Triagle Choke.

What's Included?

Triangle Basics





The Trap

Removing Space

Finishing the Choke

Additional Points


Push Pull Entry

Climb up from Guard

Arm Drag

Arm Drag 2

Over-hook Control

Arm Lock Transition

Kick Back

Pendulum Sweep

Pendulum Sweep 2

Open Guard.m4v

Double Under Pass

Opposite Side Triangle


Advanced Triangles

Butterfly Sweep Counter

Kimura Lock

Lasso Guard 1

Lasso Guard2

Lasso Guard3

Lasso Guard Inversion

Lasso GuardStanding

Spider Guard 1

Spider Guard 2

Spider Guard 3

Spider Guard 4


Top Control

Top Control 2


S-Mount Control

S-Mount Control 2

Single Leg

No Arm In Choke

Double Under Pass

Knee Down Counter

What Are People Saying?

One of the best triangle series I’ve seen in a long time. Love the details. Thanks


Daniel M

I’m particularly interested in the advanced setups. I love how many opportunities there to trap the triangle from almost any position.


Peter J

I’m new to BJJ and never thought about some of the setups. Thank you for putting this together.


Jacob C


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Basic concepts and techniques

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Advanced concepts and techniques

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Basics and advanced techniques