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What Jiu Jitsu question has been on your mind lately?

May 20
• Edited (May 20, 2024)

What's your "go-to" move when playing closed guard?
(comment below with links if possible)

Yes, download it high-speed please
38 %
Naaa, I love the the process of learning and improving
63 %
8 votes
Technically submit your training partner
33 %
Grind them until them give up
33 %
Just keep it playful
33 %
6 votes

What's your favorite Take Down?
(comment below with links if possible)


Wondering what's going on this week at ROL? 🤔 4/14/24

Gi All Levels

Welcome to week #5 - This week in Gi All Levels our focus will be on the Top Control position. We have two Escaped to cover starting with the Top Control Escape (trap, bridge, roll) and Top Control Escape (foot post counter). Finishing off strong with a submission, we will go over the Arm Lock from S-Mount. This is going to be an awesome week to level up your Top Control skills! 

Gi Intermediate

Welcome to week #8 - Back Control - Turtle Escapes

Let’s take your Back Control game to the next level. This week our primary focus will be on Turtle Escapes. Drilling and repetition are key - This is going to be an awesome week!

Gi Advanced

  • 50/50 position

  • Review

  • Chaining together techniques

NoGi Intermediate

Join us for week #9 - Top Control

This week in NoGi Intermediate is awesome! We are starting off with the Top Control Escape (ankle drag/step over), then going straight into two powerful Submissions. Triangle Choke from Top Control and the Arm-in Triangle from Top Control. See you on the mats!

  • Top Control Escape (ankle drag/step over)

  • Triangle Choke from Top Control

  • Arm-in Triangle from Top Control

NoGi Advanced

Week #12

  • Bottom Half Guard

  • Pinch Headlock


  • Kickboxing Curriculum

  • Roundhouse Series Week 2

  • Dutch Block Concept and Counters

Stand and Drill

Level-up your stand up game this week as we will be going over:

  • Osoto-Gari

No need to feel apprehensive about starting on your feet - Let’s grow that confidence together - See you on the mats!


Welcome to week #13 - This week in Womens we have a smooth sequence to go over. Starting on our feet we will go over a self-defense scenario where our opponent is throwing jab punches, once on the ground we have Top Control Escape (posted counter) and Half Guard Back Step Pass. This week will be a good one!

Jab Defense
Top Control Escape (posted counter)
Half Guard Back Step Pass

❗❗** Announcements **❗❗

Want to add a little more to your Jiu Jitsu? Check out this video that nicely compliments this week's techniques in ALL Levels


Yes, I’m game for a challenge
67 %
Naaa, I will stick to training for now
33 %
6 votes

What’s you favorite way of passing the Guard ⚔️🛡️ (comment below)

April 08
Closed Guard
25 %
Open Guard (Lasso, Spider, etc)
25 %
Half Guard
50 %
Butterfly Guard
0 %
4 votes

What makes a good training partner?

(comment below and tag @ your best training partner)